Monday, July 12, 2010


today is a very special monday for me because it's my very last psychopathology class and my second to last class in grad school! hooray!!! yup, this week i finish grad school for forever.... well, that's probably not true because i'll probably go back for something later in my life. but i'll be done for forever if i want to be.

so long school!

{pic from here}

this week we're also going down to l.a. to look for an apartment. it's been kind of stressful only having 3 weeks left in my current house, having no where to live in l.a., and trying to figure it all out long distance. but we're kind of planning on just staying in l.a. this weekend until we find a place that can be ours. assuming, of course, that it doesn't take us more than a few days, becuase, you know, we still have to pack up our houses and take care of all that unfinished business and have a super huge going away party.

ah! i can't believe i'm moving in 3 weeks!!!


    that is OH SO WONDERFUL!!!!

  2. EXCITING! hold on... you said you were moving to silverlake, right???? my friend from high school lives there now and posted on fb this weekend that walking through the streets on any given night it looks like one huge costume party! lol! I thought of you and know you'll love it!

  3. I can't believe it either. Time is really flying!

    Enjoy your last day and your last class. So much fun awaits!

  4. how exciting! I really do hope you find somewhere wonderful :)

  5. Congratulations on almost being done with grad school! That is so exciting for you! I can't wait till school's out for me ;) I might do the grad school thing, too, which is frightening haha. 3 weeks! Oh man, the countdown really has begun. I wish you the best best of luck finding a place that can be yours soon. :)

  6. congrats and good luck / have fun apt searching! :) exciting times!!

  7. Congratulations on finishing grad school! That's amazing!