Thursday, July 1, 2010

happy july!

it's finally here - july. can you believe it?! it came so fast. this month is a big one for me. i'll finish grad school, move to los angeles, and start a whole new life.

so to help keep my head straight {and feel extra accomplished} i've decided to make a list of my july goals:

* survive the last couple weeks of grad school.
* get rid of TONS of stuff whilst packing. tons.
* pack, pack, pack.
* apply to at least 5 jobs in l.a.
* find a new apartment.
* figure out the safest way to drug chloe cat for the move.
* get tattoo representing my life in san francisco.
* stop buying summer clothes... seriously, i have to stop.
* buy shorts and sandals {don't judge me}.
* explore, revisit, experience, & soak up all the wonderful things we love in san francisco!

what are you looking forward to in july?


  1. That's quite a list you've got. You can do it though!

    In July I'm looking forward to:
    -seeing my best friend again (she'll be here from France the last week of July) and attending her Canadian wedding. It's going to be a picnic in the backyard, with dancing in the carport. Awesome!
    -planning our London trip (we leave 5 weeks from tomorrow!)
    -a girls' sleepover with my friend and sister (movies, margaritas, snacks and NO KIDS!)
    -lazy summer days at the beach and the park
    -celebrating Canada Day, today!

  2. Wow, serious list! :) I'm excited for your month for you!

    July is not quite as eventful as June, was, but here's some stuff I'm looking forward to:

    - One of my really good friends gets back from months of mission work in India and Australia on Saturday! :)
    - Lots of work *fingers crossed* so I have some money come fall!
    - Packing for my fall semester in Denver
    - Squeezing in as much time with Andrew as I can until I have to leave him for 3 months :(
    - Hearing about my best friend's adventures when she gets back from California!

  3. Great list!

    My cousin is coming to visit in Peru!

    I am going to the Jungle for the first time!

    MY 25th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  4. Sounds like it will be a busy month for you.
    My July is mostly surviving 3 more weeks of work, when it seems like everyone else is on holiday! But on the 26th it will be my time, and we leave for Singapore and Malaysia.

  5. so many exciting things! What are you going to get the tattoo of? Good luck with the move and job search!

  6. good luck with everything!
    what tattoo are you thinking of?

  7. why would you stop buying summer clothes when you are moving to a place that is summer all the time? i kind of can't believe you won't be living in san francisco anymore. wow.