Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of july in san francisco

i'm afraid there were no fireworks for me this year thanks to our good ole san francisco fog. we decided to stay home and just have a regular ole sunday when we saw the fog rolling in during the afternoon. we've lived here long enough to know not to bother.

{photo from sfgate}

but, we did see a few firework displays saturday night from the balclutha.
let me back up...
on friday i found out that i'm allergic to corn and all corn-related products. have you any idea how much food in the united states has corn in it? pretty much everything. thanks a lot america. so come saturday i was depressed about how much food i can't eat anymore and how miserable an existence my life will now be.

so what's a girl to do? why grab some rum and sing sea chanteys on a pirate ship of course! and that's exactly what i did. it definitely lifted my spirits, and we got to see a bit of fireworks from across the bay.

4th of july? check.
drink and sing me blues away? argh! {check}

hope you had a great {holiday for some of you} weekend!


  1. That sucks about the corn. But at least it's not wheat. Wheat is in absolutely everything! And good for you for drinking your blues away on a pirate ship. Yo ho ho!

    Bet you'll be able to see the fireworks next year in L.A.!

  2. Corn of some form is in a lot of processed foods, so you will just have to prepare all your meals from scratch and then you can control what is in your food. At least its not something air borne which is harder to control.