Wednesday, July 21, 2010

echo park park!

just a few blocks from our new home is this beautiful park:

{that's downtown l.a. in the background}
it's where ok go filmed their latest music video!

thanks for everyone's well-wishes and congratulatory comments! it was a looong weekend packed full of house hunting. it all paid off, of course, but i got really sick over the weekend. i have laryngitis and haven't been able to talk since last thursday! it's been almost a full week! eek!
first of all, it's complete torture for me not to talk, and second, it's super hard to ask questions, make good impressions on potential landlords, and discuss decisions when you can't talk. oy! :) but thank god it all worked out and i have a little bit of time to recuperate before our crazy packing next week. and while i'm sick in bed i can look up fun things happening in our new neighborhood!

anyone have any good laryngitis remedies?


  1. what a beautiful park! fun video too!!

    i don't have any remedies... i hope you find some good ones though!

    just found your blog for the first time - super fun. love your blog title too!

  2. first things first, girl... your place looks about twenty times more awesome than ours. and in echo park??? lucky butt! although you have to get transportation, and we get to rid ourselves of our car, so maybe it's a fair trade??

    second... get over laryngitis BEFORE packing. i actually came down with something gross last week, too, (blame it on the stress!) and it took me till about now to kick it. i think the dust just aggravated it.

    as for purging - we bought 8 big rubbermaids and tried to fit everything but our clothing and kitchen stuff inside. if it didn't fit, it wasn't necessary. our books alone filled 3, so you know where our priorities lie :) my craft stuff has to fit into one, with the exception of my sewing machine and paper cutter.

    then, we listed everything of value on craigslist. what didn't sell we stuck in a garage sale last week, and now all the money we made will buy us a pretty new couch once we move!

    i also have a wonderful mother in law who is taking most of our childhood memorabilia and holiday decorations.

    wow... book comment!! good luck with the purging! e-mail me if you need to vent! i find that blasting my favorite tunes helps speed things along!

  3. soooo i love that park. never been but i would kill to have a place that nice near my home.

    lucky you!

    hope you feel better.

  4. Wow what a beautiful place! You lucky girl!

    No idea about remedies, that sounds not so fun.

  5. wow, what a park. That video must have taken them so long to make!