Monday, June 7, 2010

a very full well

wow! i have been loving life lately. so far, my summer classes are not too stressful, i'm no longer working, and we only have a couple months left in our favorite city before the big move to l.a. that means that we've been filling our lives {and our wells} with as much fun stuff and people as we can!

over the past few days, i've...
* had a girls night out to dinner and a movie in the castro.
* soaked up the sun {and dog watched} in two parks.
* went to another fun bbq with friends.
* had my tattoo consultation {i can't wait to see the drawing my artist comes up with for my very first tattoo!}.
* got crafty and started making some felt things like this pin {i have lots of other craft ideas for this week - can't wait to get started}.

* went to the sea chantey sing-a-long on this ship, the balcutha. this was unbelievably fun, by the way. they do it the first saturday of every month and you can find the info to rsvp on the website here. there were lots of old sea-looking folks who all knew the songs. one person would just start singing and everyone would join in on the choruses. luckily the choruses are repeated enough that even if you don't know the songs you can easily join in. they also provide free hot drinks {just bring your own mug} and during the breaks you can look out over the water. we'll be there again on july 3 if anyone wants to join us.

* stopped by the indie mart and found lots of cute things. indie mart was started and run by the same woman who runs workshop sf, where i took a sewing class and heavy metal aerobics. they have lots of random and wonderful classes, and i highly recommend taking one if you live in the area {i really want to take the pie-in-a-jar class}.
we found a couple art pieces that we want to get before we move at indie mart {we want to collect art from indie artists in every city where we live}. and i met lauren of crooked sister who has super cute leather goodies and a cute blog. her shop is kind of empty right now, but she'll be at the SF Etsy Sampler next weekend.

so that has been my past few days. i'm going to take it easy today and make more creative things.

i hope you all are having fun summer times these days!


  1. aww, sounds like you have been living the life and making your last days in sf count!! :)

  2. Sounds like you're having fun. Love the pin by the way!

  3. If anyone deserves a well that's so full it's running over, it's YOU! Glad you're so happy. I love reading your posts, Kim. They always make me smile. Keep enjoying your lovely San Francisco!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous couple of days!!! Hope the rest of your summer is as fun!

  5. sounds fantastic! I love your pin!
    What tattoo are you thinking of?

  6. Wow... your past few days sound amazing. I'm glad you are filling that well right up to the top.

    Will you please, please share a picture of your tattoo in progress?? I'm dying to know what it'll look like!

    Also, have you two love birds settled on a place in LA? Relocation has me in a tizzy... but we have yet to even settle on a city yet! Hopefully, a couple of upcoming job interviews will help us settle the big 'where' question.