Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the event!

several of you have been asking about my wedding and i realized i haven't really said much about the actual event. but boy have we planned something fun!

neither of us are very traditional people. i've been to a million traditional weddings and they all feel exactly the same. i'm also a pretty big rebel and if society tells me i should walk down an aisle, have certain matching colors, or carry around flowers during my commitment, i say "screw you." now if you had or want a wedding like this i think that's wonderful. i am certainly not saying a person shouldn't have these things if you like that. i just don't find any meaning personally so i don't want to waste my energy with things that don't feel special to me. we are not formal people, so we didn't want a formal-feeling wedding. i also didn't want to feel stressed about this at any point {here's hoping!}.

so... dannon and i pretended we had never been to a wedding or heard of one before. we thought about what we were wanting to do on that day and came to the conclusion that we want a short ceremony focused on making promises to each other with our very closest loved ones as witnesses. then we want to have a super fun celebration with said loved ones. there will be no main officiant. our dads and friend will have certain parts, but mostly the ceremony will just be us, committing. there will be no attendants. we want a super small guest-list, so basically all the people witnessing would be the attendants.

for the location we found a beautiful vacation rental house in the hills above malibu with views of the ocean. we're so happy going this route - for the same price as a 4 hr rental we get a huge house for an entire week!! we can take our time decorating, use the massive kitchen to make all the food ourselves, and have some of our guests stay there.

it has a giant grassy yard which i was really wanting and worried we wouldn't find in southern california. our plan is to lay out beautiful picnic blankets and pillows in the grass where people will sit. when they get there they'll grab a fancy fruity drink and make their way to the blankets where dannon and i will be mingling and welcoming everyone - that means no aisle to walk down {i tried to convince dannon we should zip line in from the roof, but that's getting tricky to plan. :)}. when we're ready to do the ceremony we just will.

afterward, we'll have lawn games like bocce ball and croquet, an art book in lieu of a guestbook, yummy {and pretty} picnic food, miracle berry tasting, a typewriter where guests can type up their favorite jokes {we'll compile them into a coffee table book}, and live gypsy jazz music for dancing. there will also be a couple other fun things that i don't want to divulge here since we want to keep a couple surprises for our guests.

here are some pictures that have sort of the feel we're going for:

so that's the wedding! so far, all our planning has been a breeze. we'll see how long that lasts though. ;)


  1. that is so so so so so so so awesome! I adore your creativity and making this event your own. It will be so special! I can't wait to hear more, and see pictures of the actual day. Yayayayay!

  2. That sounds beyond amazing. Just perfect! So personalized and so very much YOU. I love that you have the house for the entire week and can take your time getting ready and decorating and making all sorts of yummy food. And the picnic blankets spread out on the grass? Awesome! I want to come! (but I'll settle with lots of fabulous photos after the fact...)

  3. It sounds really wonderful, and so cool. Your wedding day, of all days, should definitely be a day where you get to do exactly what you want! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. Thats SOOOOO romantic! I think people get wrapped up in the way it "should" be done and they get so stressed out and miss out on the joy!

    We ran off and got married on a cruise. Exactly what we wanted to do! Had a small ceremony with only family then had a huge party for our friends when we got home from the honeymoon! (Of course, the family got off before the cruise set sail :)


  5. Your wedding seems like the absolute sweetest thing I've ever heard of! It will be amazing, I just know it! That's awesome, I love that you're making it your own, because it is YOUR wedding, and who says you need to follow any sort of formula for that? I wish you all the best of luck in the rest of your planning, and I can't wait to see pictures/hear more about it all! :)

  6. Siiiiigh. Sounds so intimate and perfect. We used a typewriter for a guest book, and used heavy craft paper sheets for the guests to sign. People got really creative - writing little stories about us, poems, even songs that were playing that night. I think there is something about a typewriter that begs to be used!

    I bound the pages all up and now we have a cute book (with our invite on the cover) to look at and remember the day by. Waaaaaay better than a guest book, if you ask me!!

  7. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this idea of a picnic themed wedding. I think it will be such a memorable and fun day for you both as well as your guests. :)

  8. Your photos look fantastic! I love the bikes and the cake especially. Oh + the typewriter and art book ideas are brilliant. Way to make it fun and interesting, major props!

  9. That sounds absolutely amazing! My boyfriend of 3 years and I often chat about what we want our wedding to be like someday, and this gives me a lot of inspiration! It sounds so cool and personal and different.

    I've informed my boyfriend that I 100% want to have all our nerdy friends pitch in so we can have video games set up for the reception. A lot of his friends aren't really into boogying, and I just think it'd be really awesome to have us all sitting around in fancy clothes playing XBox.

    End nerdiness.

  10. haha! that's so funny that we're having such similar ceremonies! great minds think a like, yeah? :)

    there's just something to be said for taking the fussiness out of the whole thing. it leaves more room for the stuff that really matters.

  11. Gee I wish I lived closer!!! The photo of the dresser with the type writer on it and the old door behind it...well, I have a circa 1848 maple dresser almost identical to it...the two guys who built it wrote their names with the date on the back on a yellowed and barely legible label...I also have a beautiful antique louvered door...both items I am getting rid of! I have tried to sell that old gorgeous dresser for as little as $20 at a yard sale...LOTS of looks but no bites (people just want disposable fashion and not character these days-GEEZ!) I wish I could just give it to you so you could use it! Darn it that we live so far from eachother!