Friday, May 14, 2010

friday already?!

i went over to erin's blog this morning and saw that it was friday. FRIDAY!! who knew?

this has been a crazy week for me, but i'm oh so happy it's come to a close!
school is over until june.
i finally deep cleaned my whole house after weeks of neglect.
one of my favorite friends ever is here until tuesday.
and i have lots of super fun weekend plans!
* friday night at the de young
* a little trip to napa
* bay to breakers!!!
* and some of our favorite restaurants.

oh it's going to be a good weekend. :)
hope you all have a great weekend too, adventuring or relaxing or whatever will make you happiest!


  1. Indeed it is Friday! Glad I could help... Just think, you could have gone all day thinking it was still Thursday! ;)

    Have a super fantastic weekend o'fun! You have worked long and hard and you definitely deserve it!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend!! Sounds like its going to be a lot of fun!!!

  3. i'll keep an eye out for you at b2b! i'm super excited for the weekend as well!

  4. Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend, too, dear!

  5. have so much fun with your favorite friend ever!!! yay for a clean house!!! : )

  6. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend lady!

  7. HOORAY for being done with school for the summer!!
    hope your weekend was simply the greatest!!!