Friday, April 23, 2010


have you been in a place in life where everything is going so well all of a sudden? where life has numerous exciting events all coming together at once?
but none of it has actually happened yet, so you have all this wonderful stuff to look forward to and day dream about, without the stress of actually preparing yet?

that's where i am right now. my future is shaping up to being really wonderful. and it's killing me that i can't gush about it in detail at this point, but i just had to share all this happy energy that's in my heart.

i feel like a little kid discovering for the first time that narwhals are real {okay, that maybe happened only a year ago...}, or the thrill of getting a new puppy {please oh please let that be a part of my exciting future!}.

so, even though i can't get specific, i just wanted to say Thanks Universe! and that i truly hope your weekend is full of joy, whether it's big life changes or delightful simple pleasures!

high five everyone!

{photos from weheartit}


  1. so glad that things are looking up! can't wait to hear about all the exciting developments.

    (oh, and happy weekend!!)

  2. That is so great! Wouldn't a puppy be a great addition to your future?! I can't wait to hear about it.

    Really, thanks for the post, I have a tendency to feel like I'm waiting for the wonderful moments forever. I like the way you described it - so much wonderful stuff to look forward to!

  3. Yay for all the wonderful stuff to come (does the big move to LA fall under this category?)? A huge high-five to you, sweet Kim! (one day, remind me to tell you about the special high-five my boys like me to do... it involves high-fiving, low-fiving, middle-fiving, pickle-cutting, and tickling... not even kidding!)

    Sounds like your life is in the Christmas Eve phase- full of delightful anticipation. That is just the best!

    I hope you have the most marvellous weekend!

  4. yay for you!! :) so exciting, i hope you do share when you can!

  5. That's wonderful, I'm so glad you're so happy!!! :)

  6. You're so cute. I'm so glad things are going well for you lady!

  7. i'm so happy for you!

    i just internet high fived you!


  8. humm.. intriguing! YAY for happy future plans.. but we want details missy!

  9. Hey Kim! I found your blog a few days ago and went back to read a few f your old posts. I absolutely adore your blog! I love how upbeat and happy you are, and you and Dannon are adorable together. Glad things are working out so well for you, and I hope you had a great weekend!

  10. right back at cha!

    ooh now i'm excited for ya and i don't know why. here's to all your future endeavors...whatever they may be :)

  11. i love that. everything just falls into place.

  12. yey kim thats wonderful!!! keep smiling x