Thursday, April 22, 2010


i was recently tagged by the lovely erin at pughs' news with a fun "what's in my bag" feature. so here's what i was lugging around yesterday in my giant black abyss of a bag:

my fancy new water bottle
a green folder full of important papers for work and class
a grad school version of a pencil case {which means i carry pens and pencils... oooo!}
this pretty flowery wallet that is $15 on lulus, but which i bought for $9 at forever 21 {what a steal!}
pocket mirror for the quick "is there something in my teeth" checks
burt's bees chapstick
a pen for all my pen-related needs
trusty old-school cell phone
camera {actually, that's the just the case as i was using the camera to take this picture}
$2 which i carry at all times for bus fare
a mini bag {i really like organizing things with bags within bags} full of supplies such as lotion, disinfectant wipes, hair ties, band aids, *ahem* lady things, and a safety pin
an adorable posy paper co. pocket calendar
ginormous sunglasses
a scarf
an extra sweater {we san franciscans never know when we'll need more warm layers}

those are the usuals, and on certain days i have to lug my laptop around, or extra shoes when it's rainy. after 5 years of walking every where i go {i don't have a car} and carrying this behemoth of a bag, i've developed some back problems. but soon i'll be living in l.a. where i'll have to get a car, and in many ways, i'm grateful for that change {sorry earth!}.

so there you have it - my daily baggage! :)
is there anything you can't go anywhere without?


  1. You are too cute! Even items in your purse (I'm eyeing that water bottle by the way!) are adorbale! I like the idea of a mini-bag. There have been at least ten times this semester when I've searched to the bottom of my bag looking for a pony tail holder.

  2. i love seeing whats in people's bag! so fun!
    i love your water bottle! and i can never leave with out my burts bees or carmex!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of stuff for such a small girl! I've no doubt you lug it all around quite gracefully though! And when you move to LA, you can just carry your bag to the car and then deposit it on the back seat. Easy peasy.

    I never, ever leave home without my lipstick/lipbalm.

    I'm glad you played along!

  4. i just love your new layout...