Wednesday, March 10, 2010

awards from blogposts past

I'm a little late on this {thank you very much grad school for completely taking over my life}, but back in January I was given an award by the lovely Amanda {from La Blondie Peruana}.

How fantastic is it that there's an award called Glob?! Or is it Glob-as-in-Globe? {any arrested development fans out there? :D} Anyhow, it stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Blogging, and it's just a lovely way to acknowledge the fantastic ladies in blogland! Here are a few of my favorite ladies {who may have already received this award, but that's okay. make sure to check them out... they're all gorgeous lady bloggers!}:

Laura from laura brown art
Erin from Pughs' News
Michelle from Oh, Mishka
Kathleen from just a small town girl
Kateigh from {poprocks} and photographs
Anna from little reminders of love

Then a couple weeks ago, Amanda tagged me with a hilarious Photo Tag. The rules are to 1.) go into your first photo folder, 2.) scroll to the 10th photo, and 3.) post that photo with the story behind it.
So, here it is:
Um... how to explain. Well, first of all, yes, this is me and Dannon, from our college days, back in 2004. Dannon has had many different and crazy hairstyles over the years and this particular photo was taken in the middle of going from long hair to completely bald. He started at the top and halfway through we decided this look was way too hilarious NOT to stop and have a photo shoot. So that's exactly what we did.

And just to redeem this embarrasing {yet awesome} picture, here is a recent photo of how we look now.
This is such a great photo tag, I would love to encourage all of you to play along! and then let me know so I can come see your old-school {and hopefully embarrassing} photos!
; )

PS - That giveaway will be here soon. egads! can you hardly stand it?!


  1. BAHAHAHAHA. That photo is hilarious!!!

  2. OMG that picture is seriously hilarious!!! ;) Awesome.

    PS: What grad school program are you in?!

  3. And no comment on the fact that he's also wearing your old glasses?

  4. congrats! and thank you thank you thank you!!

    looove the pic of you two in college! i love fellow people who just love to have fun with every moment!


  5. Yay congrats on your award lady! You deserve it!

  6. you and your husband are adorable together! :)

  7. Hello there, gorgeous lady who blogs...

    Thanks for the award! I'm going to post about it toute de suite.

    And can I just say, you and Dannon are hilarious? And adorable.

    How about LOST last night? Crazeeeee....

  8. I'm doing the photo tag thing too. I can't even believe what photo I opened. It's horrible. And hilarious. Come see!

  9. hahahah. that photo is too funny. i was seriously like WHAT!?? but i'm glad you guys took the opportunity to have an awesome photo shoot!
    congrats on the award!!

  10. that is such an interesting idea for a post :) will try it sometime :)

  11. wow, i admire his courage for that interesting hair choice, but i must say he looks much more handsome now.

  12. Wow, I didn't realise that was Dannon in the top photo!! He looks so so different now x