Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Music

{D + I hiking the narrows in zion national park 2 years ago}

V-Day is almost here! And what's the best way to celebrate holidays? Music of course! These are just a few of my favorite romantic songs... and they're much slower than my last batch of love songs... just to warn you... ;)



  1. ohh YAY!! Valentines Day is almost here!! WOOHOO!!

  2. woohoo! I am going to play this at work ;)

  3. iron and wine AND bright eyes!
    swoon. i love this!! perfect pink me up for my dreary rainy day!

  4. love this list. actually, i loved the last one you did, too. keep them coming, please??

    (also, i think a themed comic book would be awesome!! all my little people drawings look pretty bad, so i had to go with words, which i'm half-way decent with. the little book was so easy to make, and i was so happy with how it turned out!)

  5. All good songs!!! You have great taste :) I love this month!

  6. You always find the best songs! Wishing you a lovely V-Day weekend from Guam!