Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Swap and Happy Times

This weekend was pretty fantastic!

The sun came out!

Dannon and I had yummy vegetarian sushi at Cha-Ya's in the Mission.

We made new friends at a super fun superbowl party {oh colts! how sad I am that you lost! But at least you lost to a team that deserved a first-time win!}.

Sunday was the highly anticipated heavy metal aerobics!
This was so much fun... it was a mixture of aerobics, yoga, and pilates all set to awesome 80's heavy metal music. There was also crazy 80's exercise garb, beer cans for weights, and the two most adorable elderly russion ladies who stopped by to watch - we couldn't understand a word they said, but they seemed so intrigued. maybe they'll stop in next week for a little workout! :)
If you live in San Francisco, I highly recommend checking out heavy metal aerobics {every sunday and tuesday nights - they take drop-ins too}, or some of the other super fun classes offered at Workshop.

And I finally checked my mailbox and found my book from Kateigh's book swap! The lovely Sandra, from On the Bright Side..., sent me Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Books! I'm such a fan of Kipling's writing, but I've never read The Jungle Book! So I'm pretty excited about this. Thanks Sandra!

I loved reading about all of your ways to cope with a horrible day {and I took some notes for the future}! Things look like they're being worked out thanks to my awesome supervisor. And the weekend was full of just what I needed.

How was your weekend?


  1. We had a great weekend! Lazy is always best :)

    Ive never read the Jungle Book! What a fun idea!

  2. We had some sad news this weekend. To cheer ourselves, we had a lot of family time. Donuts and a trip to the park, an afternoon swim at the rec centre, lots of read-alouds (my boys have discovered that they love fairy tales, so we've been working our way through a big book of them ~ they think The Emperor's New Clothes is HILARIOUS), baking muffins and a bike ride on the local trails.
    We're feeling better now.

    So glad your weekend was an improvement over last week. And how exciting that your book came! I'm watching the mailbox for mine every day! Maybe it will be there when I get home from work today...

  3. oh the jungle book.. love that one.

  4. my weekend would've been better had the colts won but i'll stop sulking...

    your weekend sounds amazing. vege sushi? just doesn't sound right but it does sound worth tasting.

  5. what a great book to receive and what a pretty copy...

  6. vegetarian sushi-- YUM!!! i haven't had sushi in ages... i should tell fiance that's our next date night this week.

    LOVE the book you got on Kate's book swap. Sandra is a darling isn't she? sooo thoughtful. I got her gift today for a valentine's swap we were both in. She's just lovely! and that copy is beautiful.

    it reminds me of my childhood and my granddaddy who i miss alllll the time. :(

    the weekend would have been much less awesome if it wasn't SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. i love football and that was such a great game! otherwise, it was snowy and kept me indoors much. (cheers to meeting new friends at the super bowl party!)

  7. Yaaaayyy! I'm SO GLAD you liked it!! All I've ever read from Kipling was The Jungle Books and I loved it! I absolutely fell in love with this edition, I was so tempted to keep it! I'm going to have to check out those short stories now. ^_^

    Your blog is just lovely, I'm so happy I got to meet you through this swap! :)

  8. HEAVY METAL AEROBICS?! That sounds a.w.e.s.o.m.e.