Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love Music!

{several years ago when I was Blondey McBlonde}

Since it's the month of Looove {to be read like an obnoxious fourth grader} I thought I'd share some fun love music this week and next. There's nothing better than good music to get you in the mood right?!
I'm actually not that into valentine's day, since I've only had a couple good experiences with it. But I do like the thought of taking time each year to spread some love - be it romantic, great friendships, or even being happier with yourself {one of my favorite 'love' songs is 'Dancing with Myself'}! So here you are, some of my favorite {love} music:

What's your favorite {love} song?

ps - happy groundhog day!


  1. Love your list! Regina is fab!

  2. i love it!! you are too cute lady!

    us is one of my favorite songs! <3

  3. these are great songs! dancing with myself accurately describes my valentine's day. and life, in general. . . .

  4. love the blonde! how fun. i always wish i was brave enough to dye my hair!
    wonderful playlist. i think my fav love songs have to be some of sufjans stevens and you gotta love regina spektor. plus frank sinatra "you make me feel so young!"

  5. Untitled 11th by REM.
    We Have All the Time in the World (from that old James Bond movie)
    Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan.
    I Will Give You Everything by the Skydiggers.

    Oh sweet love!
    This is a great idea. You've got me thinking... Might need to make a new playlist on the iPod...

    Would you believe I've never heard anything by Regina Spektor? Guess I'd better check her out. People are always talking about her.

  6. Oh and It's Oh So Quiet! by Bjork. Love it.

  7. Kim,
    You're on! I would looooove to shriek and gasp and debrief all the LOST amazingness with you just as soon as you've seen the episode. How can you not know anyone who likes it? That's madness! It is pure and utter brilliance. And Sawyer makes me swoon...

    And as for Regina Spektor, I'm going to get some of her stuff to listen to right now. I trust you, friend!

  8. regina specktor's fidelity is one of my favorites! also love jason mraz i'm yours and lucky despite being played out like crazy.

  9. what a fabulous list!! I think its amazing!! Happy Groundhog day to YOU! ;)

  10. My hubby is getting me as much Regina Spektor as his iPod can hold. I'll let you know if I love her. I have a feeling I will!