Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LA or Bust... ?

Okay, so I've lived in San Francisco for a good 5 years now and I have loved every minute of it. This is by far the coolest city I have ever been to! It's home to me, and always will be. But there's this other side of me that craves change and adventure and a chance to live in all the cool cities I fancy before I'm too old to lug my furniture around.

So... grad school is over in July and I'll be facing the challenging task of finding a paid internship - pretty much impossible in a city where almost 1 million people are crammed into 7 x 7 miles. But LA, ...well LA is different. There are more paid internships for me, better job opportunities for Dannon {who's running into the same problem with design firms in San Francisco}, and some of our best friends in the world.

So here's my trusty "what-to-do-when-faced-with-a-huge-decision" list:

job opportunities
newness & adventure - yay!
being near some family
being near lots of long-lost best friends
so much closer to death valley {one of my favorite places!}
summer, after years of non-stop autumn
still close enough to visit SF whenever I want
closer to mexico and vegas {if I ever want to go to either of those places}
a-mazing concerts!

missing our friends in SF
missing all my favorite things about the city - my neighborhood, favorite places, crazy festivals, etc.
i'd have to get a car {after 5 years of walking everywhere and not driving - yikes!}
i'm allergic to extreme heat {although maybe i'd grow accustomed to it?}

Things that will stay the Same
still in the great state of california
still easy to be a vegetarian & thrift store shopper
still right next to the ocean
still subject to earthquakes
still living the city life

As you can see, this is in no way decided right now, but a serious option. I'll be heading down next month for a long weekend to explore and get to know the city a little better in a "this-might-be-my-new-home" way.

So, for all of you LA folks, I would love any advice you may have about certain neighborhoods to avoid and certain neighborhoods I have to check out while I'm there.


  1. good luck with your big decision! i am a huge pro/cons list maker, and they always seem to help... especially when making the choice to leave something you love for something that could provide so many more opportunities.

  2. I'm not in LA, but I have sooo many friends who are (who would have thought all my friends from NC would end up in LA?) Everyone I know who lives there loves it! Yes, it's 'dirtier' than sf, and it's a different 'culture' but the opportunity is there for sure! I think you should try living there and can always move back to SF!

  3. I have lived in LA and I have visited SF.... I would say there is NO comparison between the two. I would NEVER live in LA again but I would move to SF tomorrow... but your right, you have to go were the work is... HArd decision.

  4. If I had to choose it would be San Francisco. I have only been to both cities as a tourist, but San Francisco just seemed so much cleaner, more friendly and amazing. But I certainly understand the need for change, so good luck with your decision.

  5. I live in WI so I'm not help. But I'm wishing you luck with your big decision!

  6. I always find moves so exciting. I've gone from Tampa, to Gainsville, to DC, to Houston, to DC and back to Tampa in the last decade. I'm feeling the itch again. Sigh. Good luck with your decision!!

  7. moving always bring fun and exciting adventures! but i'm a little biased toward sf :)

  8. I've never been to LA, but good luck!

  9. traffic in l.a. is terrible, i get huge anxiety spikes when i'm there. and any neighborhood that has a martin luther king jr blvd in it is generally a bad place to be. personally, i think sf is better :) the air is better and its better looking lol.

  10. wow...that's a big change. even though it's not too far away, the whole vibe is different. good luck with your decision!

  11. what a fun adventure this would be! i've never been to CA so i'm no help.. sorry! but i wish you the MOST luck deciding what to do!!

    p.s. how amazing you lived in chatt. i moved to franklin when i was young and lived there until i went to college in knoxville!

  12. lots and lots of luck in ur decision. xxxx

  13. I love LA! miss living there everyday... love the weather, the people and even the crazies... it's not like what you see on TV... plus you can always go to SF!

  14. After living close to L.A. and visiting ya'll a few times in S.F. I personally LOVE SF WAYYY more than L.A. But like your friend was saying, if that is where the job opportunities are you could go for a few years, hang out with LLU peeps, visit Joshua Tree a lot, go to some fantastic concerts, dance with Bill in Lindy Groove, go to concerts with Brian, visit the Getty frequently (they have free internet) and the nearby hills, and still be happy. One of my worst fears is stagnation, so change is always nice. BUT, in my opinion, SF is SOO much cooler. Plus, like your one friend said, I always have a stress fest when I'm in L.A. At least they have a LITTLE bit of public transportation.

  15. oh, hey also: talk to lillieinthcity.com she just moved TO sf from la. and would probably have some good tips for you. and she's in the 'hood. right by alamo square, i think.