Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Happenings!

I really hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!
Mine was full of...

* Singing my heart out.
{and playing the egg shaker!}

* Experimenting with knitting.
{i made two short/skinny scarves, twisted them around each other, and sewed them at the ends - see pic below}

* Fresh flowers from dannon, just because!
{he's my favorite}

* Watching 500 Days of Summer.
{for the very first time because i can't afford movie theaters}

* Finding the most awesome birthday present ever!
{for dannon... and i have to wait till may to give it to him. Ugh!}

* Having one thing i love about myself featured on Love 365.
{this is an amazing idea that i highly recommend being a part of! go here to find out more}

* Art & Live Music!
{you know how sometimes in the winter, when it's cold and rainy, and you're at the point in a relationship where you can wear sweat pants all the time, it gets harder to go out and enjoy the nightlife? Well that was saturday night for me. Luckily dannon convinced me to go to the SFMOMA for the free 75th anniversary show. We dressed up nice, saw some amazing art, heard a live concert by some of our favorite local musicians Loop! Station, . . . and did i mention it was free? It was so much fun and totally worth the hassle of putting on something cute and heading out into the rain.}

I hope you all had amazing weekends! Don't forget today is Community Service Day. Make sure you spread some love to the people in your community!


  1. We are definitely at that stage where staying in, wearing jogging bottoms, is much preferable to going out. Especially when it's cold and wet. Thankfully we force each other to go out, and we always end up having the best nights on the nights we never really wanted to go out!!

  2. oh how fun!!!! Was 500 Days of Summer good? Its on my netflix queue at the moment and just hasn't come yet, but im interested to see it!!!

  3. your scarf is excellent! love it! i'm experimenting with knitting also.

    fresh flowers from the boy? ummm can he teach mine some lessons please?

  4. i still havnt seen 500 days of summer

  5. you're so cute!

    i have yet to see 500 days of summer. i hear zooey's character is kinda confused so it's not your typical love story which means i may or may not like it. we'll see.

    hope you stayed dry and cozy at today!

  6. I love your scarf. When I was a teen, I knitted a scarf that had alternating rows of green and white. It kept my neck and face warm during the cold Wisconsin winters. I don't know what happened to it though. It was the first and last thing I ever knitted. Enjoy yours and keep on knitting.