Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Special Day

Today is my dear mom's birthday!
My grandpa gave me this picture when I visited at Christmas of my mom and her siblings back before their family grew huge. I love this picture!
My mom is one of the babies.
{She's a twin and it's impossible for anyone to tell them apart in baby pictures.}

From my mom I learned how to be compassionate and empathetic. I learned how fun it is to mix up words {"Can I have a kug & hiss dear?"}. I learned how to successfully be an independent, adult woman - starting my own home, making repairs, using tools, etc. I also learned from her how to sew, how to laugh at myself, to dance whenever I hear music {I'm sorry I used to get embarrassed by this when I was 14 mom, but now I do it all the time... you taught me well!}, and so much more!

Happy Birthday Mom!
Hope it's a great one & I love you! <3


PS - thanks to everyone and your encouraging words yesterday! It's awesome to have so much support during stressful, busy times. :)


  1. I love the list of things you learned from your mom. What a great gift for her to read that on her birthday!

    You two are really cute.

  2. I adore my mother, as well! She has taught me so many great lessons. I hope yours had such a happy birthday!

    Cute little blog! I'm following!

  3. awww. i love moms. they are the best teachers ever. happy birthday to your mom!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your MOM!
    so wonderful, all the things you have learned from your mom!

    {p.s. your buster quote made me die laughing!}

  5. what a sweet picture of you and your mom! she sounds like a great lady!

  6. So you were watching and listening to me all those years. It warms my heart to know I have made a difference in your life. You make me proud in all your accomplishments you have achieved and will achieve in the future. I love you and miss you daily. Mom

  7. awe...this is such a sweet post. i always say 'my first love was my mom' i hope you were able to give her a big kug and hiss for her birthday!

  8. aw yay! happy birthday to your adorable dear mother.

    hope she had the best time being spoiled today because no doubt she deserved it.

  9. yay mom! i love the old picture. she's so beautiful and great. what would we do without our mothers?

  10. I have only one correction to make about mom, it was...."Do you want a Kuss & a Hig?" Oh how we laughed and laughed at that one! And yes, mom passed that "ability" on to me also. All the kids love my silly mixed up words, especially when I don't realize I have done it! Then it always starts a long string of stories about "Grandma"....and they don't care how many times they have heard the stories before! Happy Birthday Mom....even though I called you on your birthday! (YES, I am borrowing your blog to wish her a happy day! Be a good sister and share.) I love you!

  11. Mom is the one in grandma's arms. I can tell cause her face looks more like mine from my baby pictures. Beth's face is just a bit different. ;)

  12. How sweet. Its so rare to see a daughter who looks up to her mother for all the amazing things she learned instead of clinging to tall the things you might not think she did right.