Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award!

I was tagged with the Kreativ Blogger Award by the lovely Kateigh from {poprocks} & photographs. You might remember me talking about her from a week ago. She's the lovely lady doing the book swap. You can still join the book swap if you hurry, the last day to join is Jan. 20, that's tomorrow! So go here to find out more, and make sure you check out her lovely blog while you're there.

So without further ado, here are 7 Random Things About Me:

1. I'm 5 feet tall, but I walk faster than everyone I know. Maybe it was from having all tall friends growing up, or maybe it's because I have a very competitive streak, but I HATE walking slowly.

2. I love any excuse to dress up in a costume. Luckily I live in San Francisco where there are about a dozen events a year which warrant costumes. And for all those days in between events? No problem. San Francisco loves it when people put on a costume for absolutely no reason whatsoever. This pic was from our 2 year anniversary {last year}. We made a nice romantic dinner, then built robot suits out of boxes and danced around to awesome 80's music.
3. I have clinical OCD around germs. Big bad ugly germs. I'm not as bad as Howie Mandel and am considered "high functioning," but it still effects my life. I'm working on some exposure therapies right now, which is the hardest thing I've ever done. I know, though, that by facing the anxiety now I'll be able to live a happier life in the future, especially when I am married and sharing my home with another person. {Random Fact - Cameron Diaz also suffers from OCD around germs. I guess I'm in good company.}

4. I swear like a sailor when I get really really happy or excited. I can't control it. I joke that when I am finally proposed to we won't be able to show the video of it to many people because it will just be me happily expressing expletives.
"%$@ Yes I'll #$*&ing marry you, you #@$*&ing #$*&!"

5. I LOVE magic tricks. If you can pull off an impressive card trick I will probably form an immediate school-girl crush on you, and will probably swear like a sailor {see #4 above}.

6. Some people like to collect shoes, some like to collect bags, I like to collect coats! And I just so happen to live in a city where you have to wear a coat year round. Every time I go to the thrift store I must try on a coat. Here's my latest find:
7. I am currently saving to get a tattoo. I've been tweaking the plan for a while now and it's still not final, but it's based off this street art right by my house:
So there you have it! 7 Random things about me you may not have known. And to carry on the fun, I want to pass along this award to a new favorite blogger of mine:
Erin from Pughs' News!


  1. i cannot tell you how much i love that you guys made robot costumes and danced around to 80's music after your romantic anniversary dinner.

  2. Ooh! So excited! As I was reading this post I was thinking... I wish someone would ask me to do one of these things... And then I got to the bottom and there I was! Thank you. I am going to get started on my post toute de suite!

    You are adorable, by the way. I love that you and your beau dressed up as robots for your anniversary. And I think collecting coats is a very cool thing to do. My husband is always bugging me about the fact that I use up almost all the nangers in the front entry with all my various coats. You are a girl after my own heart!

  3. I meant hangers. Not nangers. Sleep deprivation is starting to take its toll, I think...

  4. I love when I come to blogs and find these lists, it's awesome to be able to learn more about people.

  5. So fun! I seriously LOL'd at the Robot costumes! What an ADORABLE idea!!!!!

    Found you through Krysten @ "After I Do"! Hope you don't mind if I follow you! Your blog is great!

  6. I love the coat. I didn't know you swore like a sailor when happy or excited. So does that mean that since you didn't swear while we were together at christmas you were not happy or excited?

  7. HEY! we're the same height AND we both cuss like sailors. NICE!! haha...maybe it's an SF thing? i dunno ;)