Monday, December 14, 2009

Bazaar Bizarre!

The highlight of my weekend was attending the Bizaar Bizarre - an indie art and craft fair! I exercised every ounce of my self-control and only bought a cute bowtie hairpin from Symbiotic Form.

Some of the highlights were...

Our friend Lea's recipe dice from her shop Leafcutter Designs {also check out her project World's Smallest Postal Service. Dannon did this for me once and it was so fun!}:The quirky, funny felt shop NifNaks with felt creatures and mustaches:
Beautiful wood prints by Tiny Sparks Design, one of Dannon's old professors:
And these brilliant customizable lasercut note cards by Archicraft {you make your own message by punching out the squares!}:
Unfortunately I didn't find a certain Christmas present I was looking for, but we ran into a bunch of people we know, met nice knew artists, and finally had a good excuse to get out of our snug and cozy apartments on a cold, wet, wintry weekend!


  1. that looks amazing! i wish i lived in san fran! xo

  2. sounds like so much fun! love those wood prints and the note cards. and those last two photos are super cute.

  3. :( I missed it-- I was home sick with the cussing flu!

  4. OMG, the mustache is hysterical!!

  5. Love the pics of the two of you. Looks like you both are having a fun time.