Friday, November 20, 2009


Looking back over my life, one of the best practices I had was journaling the things for which I was thankful at the end of each day. No matter how awful my day was, it was comforting, and even liberating, to acknowledge the blessings. So I thought I would add a new little series to my blog, publicly acknowledging the blessings throughout my week. And just maybe this will help create a heart that's a little more open to God and the kind acts of others.

This week was especially rough so I figured this morning was the perfect time to think about my blessings. This week I'm thankful for {in no particular order}:

* That super cute, highly excitable puppy on my way to work.
* Singing my heart out, strumming on the ole mandolin, and making lovely music with friends.
* Clean sheets day.
* A boyfriend who is very patient with me.
* Moments of epiphanies, clarity, and inspiration.
* My cat saving my life from a scary spider.
* Ahem... Glee. aka - things that make me laugh really hard out loud, even though I'm all by myself.
* Old-school Weezer songs.
* A free gym where I can run all the stress out.
* All the conversations I've had with family and friends, whether it was about serious things or just day to day conversation, it was all really meaningful and brightened my week!

{backpacking in the grand canyon, one of my most exciting adventures and one of my top Big Picture Gratitude item}

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