Monday, November 9, 2009

Equilibrium at Langston Labs!

This weekend Dannon and I went to Equilibrium, an awesome Art + Science event.
There were amazing chocolate tastings by TCHO, San Francisco's only chocolate factory run by a former NASA scientist. It was yummy!Amazing art like these National Park TV Dinners {Death Valley, The Rocky Mountains, The Grand Canyon, and The Mississippi River, completely made out of real food}:
And Miracle Berry taste testing! Miracle Berry is a natural berry which changes the flavor of all other foods. After taking the Miracle Berry we ate potato chips, granny smith apples, lemons, pomegranate seeds, and drank balsamic vinaigrette, and tequila. Yup, sure enough, everything tasted like candy! It was amazing!It was such an amazing night which actually changed my life. During one of the science lectures I discovered I have synesthesia!!! I often hear and feel colors, see music, and personify numbers, letters, and colors. Sometimes I can physically feel what's happening to other people. And all numbers have a color as a part of their character, but when I see the number 2, it's always yellow. Always.
I totally thought everyone experienced this until I heard synesthesia explained. It blew my mind! 28 years and I'm still making discoveries about myself. I'm telling you, we are all unique and wonderfully made beings. If only we knew this when we were teenagers!

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