Sunday, November 1, 2009

Critical Mass!

This Friday was my first ever Critical Mass ride. Boy was it crazy! First of all, it was the annual Halloween Critical Mass so way more people than usual came to ride. I'm not sure what the official count was, but I heard numbers in the 1,000's. It was a little overwhelming to be surrounded by so many people, especially when we had to go around buses and trollies {my bike got stuck in the trolly tracks at one point and I had to jump off... I guess I'm officially a San Francisco biker}.*
But it was so much fun to see all the amazing costumes! Dannon and I went as Marco Polo. I was Marco:
And Dannon was Polo:
Our costumes made it really easy for us to find each other when we got separated in the crowd. I just waited for Dannon to shout "Marco!"
*This costume was my personal favorite, in honor of the Bay Bridge which is constantly falling apart:There were also several bananas, santas, skeletons, and Thing 1 & Thing 2 {who was riding a crazy bike that hinged in the middle!}.

As for the rest of Halloween, I was feeling under the weather so Dannon and I stayed in and watched MST3K. He's such a good boyfriend, keeping me company when so many other fun things were happening!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and a fun Halloween!

* These pics were borrowed from here.

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