Sunday, September 6, 2009


I've had the busiest past week! Not a lot of adventuring going on because I have been getting back into the swing of school and preparing for my internship as a therapist at a high school {which I start Tuesday! Wee!}. However, there is one exciting thing that happened - I bought my first Mac! I am a new MacBook user {never had a mac or a laptop of any kind} so it's a thrilling addition to my life. I love it in every way! But I didn't want it to get all scratched up in my bag, so I whipped up a little felt cover for it. It's a hand-stitched sleeve made out of eco felt {felt made out of recycled plastic bottles} and lined with fleece. I've already been commissioned by a school friend to make one for his MacBook, so I'm considering adding this little item to my Etsy inventory {see here and here}.It takes a bit longer to make than my other little goodies, but it sure is fun! Hope everyone had a great Living-Life-To-The-Fullest weekend and Happy Labor Day!


  1. i just bought a mac too - so exciting1

  2. this is so adorable, congratulations on the mac!

  3. love the cover!!! and congrats on the new lap top! i want one sooo bad! and hey, when you figure out how the heck to upload photos on etsy, gmail me with "etsy for dummies" instructions! i cant find anywhere to click and upload!!! its the only thing holding me up from my store! CONGRATS again!!!!