Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thanks Universe!

Don't you love it when everything seems to work out perfectly and you didn't even have to try?! I have a wedding to go to on Sunday which will be outside and will include plenty of swing dancing. For me that means I'd need cute dress suitable for warm weather but nice enough for a wedding, easy breezy for flips and swinging, and matching shoes which hold up well in grass and on the dance floor. Bah! I didn't have anything like this in my closet, except for the perfect shoes {$12 from Target!!!} which are adorable, flat, and have straps so they'll stay on my feet. But they're a strange yellow... a cute yellow, but hard to match with dresses.
Then yesterday, on my way to the gym, I came across a dress stand on the campus of USF where I found this little number!
Turns out a store in the Castro, Entour, sets up shop on the campus at the beginning of every school year to get their name out there. Lucky for me! Now I can spend my time doing homework, laundry, cleaning, packing, and running other errands. Lots to do since I leave tomorrow, so I'm so glad the dress issue is taken care of!Can't wait for the wedding and time with all my long lost friends! I'm sure I'll have lots of fun pictures from the weekend. Hope everyone has a great one!


  1. this is perfect and adorable on you! what a brilliant idea to set up a little shop right where people need one! have fun at the wedding!

  2. C-U-T-E!!! hope you had a great time dancing the day away....or night, or whenever the wedding was! but hey, in the pic of you wearing your ultra cute dress, there is a tennis shoe on the floor in the background! it looks SO LONEY! you know those photos we have all seen with some odd person who has snuck into the background behind the subject being photographed...the sullen expression on their face as they blankly look into the lense of the camera tells it all...."i wish they were taking MY picture." i cant help but wonder if that tennis shoe was just a bit jealous of those little yellow, flutter-toed shoes...knowing how much fun they were going to have swing dancing at that wedding! poor tennis shoe!