Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Simple Pleasures from My Birthday

I think this is the first birthday that has been completely overshadowed by all the crazy busyness of life. Poor Dannon was trying to plan something but I kept saying, "I might just want to go to bed early, or I may have to do homework all evening." So I didn't let him plan anything big. But in the spirit of all things Zen, I decided to pay attention to all the little things that made my birthday special and celebrate them. So here they are, my birthday treats:

*Sleeping in! Okay, so I do this most days, but today I got to sleep in guilt-free!

*Getting text messages, emails, and phone calls from all my loved ones was a super special treat... even though I had class and was not able to talk to all of you!

*Hearing the story of my name from my Mom. It's funny how little I knew about the thing that identifies who I am!

*Stopping by The Bean Bag for organic coffee and discovering these adorable organic mini donuts! Not to mention they were playing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." Good times...
* Dancing to more Al Green at home with the long-haired, dread-headed painter outside my window singing along while he painted his truck with our new building paint. We shared a moment...

*Seeing a bunch of my school friends {it was also my first day of fall classes for grad school... luckily I really like my classes}!

*The adorable bag my mom sent me {which matches my clothes perfectly}!

*The Stargazer Lilies Dannon brought me. They last for weeks and make my entire house smell amazing!

*Eating my favorite meal: Yellow Curry with Tofu & Thai Salad from Banana House!

*The stargazer book Dannon gave me, with tickets for dinner, a planetarium movie, and telescope viewing at the Chabot Space Observatory {that's right, Dannon gave me the universe for my birthday}.

*Laughing the night away with Dannon and Larry, two of my best friends, watching Mystery Science Theater 3000! My stomach still hurts, but it's never felt better.


  1. I am so glad you had something special to do.... yay, Dannon! I loved talking to you on your special day, even if it was short. It seems like another world ago when you were just a tiny little girl... well, you are still tiny, but back to my point....and you called bananas, Bee-annas...and bubble gum, gubble gum! I loved your giant sized bright blue eyes on your sweet little face! It stinks living on opposite sides of the country from one another! I really miss you little sis! But congrats on such an awesome birthday.... you deserve the universe! (yay, Dannon...again!)

  2. i like how even the flowers dannon got you fit in with the universe theme! mystery science theater, haha! joel hodgson came to our church for a guest sermon/appearance/quiz show not too long ago. it was bizarre. he was rooommates with one of my pastors in college! anyway, i'm sooo glad you had a lovely birtday, kim!