Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Extravegant Birthday List

So another little piece of information about my life is that today, August 25th, is my birthday. I have been so busy the past few weeks that I really haven't thought about my birthday at all. So today I decided that I would take some time to have a little fun with it. So here it is, the "In My Wildest Dreams Birthday List." In no particular order:

*The chance to raid Zooey Deschanel's closet and collect her hand-me-downs. *An all expense paid trip around the world, especially stops in Nepal, Tibet, New Zealand, & the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka - taking care of baby elephants!*To sing a duet with Sufjan Stevens... sigh...

*A special helmet that would maintain my hair-do's so I could ride my bike everywhere, be safe, and always look cute like these Copenhagen girls!
*Homes in multiple places: down by the sea, a cabin in the mountains, and somewhere, anywhere that has fireflies {oh how I miss fireflies!}.
*An original Paul Klee.
*Time - to read, create art, make & enjoy music, bake, reflect, write, do yoga, and lie in the grass!
*The chance to have ALL my wonderful family and friends around to spend quality time with!


  1. oh, man. what a great birthday list! i'm thinking of you today! and will likely give you a call, despite our aversions to the telephone.

  2. Where is that delicious daybed located? Are there more pictures where that one came from? We're making a new backyard from scratch; trying to bring our East Coast homeland to SoCal, where we live.