Monday, August 3, 2009

Fun Saturday Adventures!

This was my first weekend not ridiculously busy with summer school {I'm done for a few weeks!} so I made the most of it by playing on Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday morning was spent at Second Wind, our spiritual discussion group, down at Fort Mason where Larry and I pondered this yellow fire hydrant in the middle of a giant park {click on the pic to see it better}.
Then Larry, Dannon and I headed over to the garden patio of Mojo Bicycle Cafe {one of my favorite neighborhood spots!} for Chai and deep conversation.
Our original Saturday night plan didn't work out, so Dannon and I decided to try dinner at Fly Bar right by my house. It was amazingly delicious! Then we went back to my house and enjoyed a vicious {and hilarious} game of Dominoes, just like good almost-30-somethings.
More to come from our Sunday Adventures!

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