Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1st Free Tuesday at the SFMOMA!

Hooray! I finally got to go to a museum on the free day! Every month I always forget about the free museum days until approximately 3 days later. Ugh! But this month, oh this was the month! I finally remembered. And better yet, I brought friends!

There was one bizarre piece that really fascinated me by the different interpretations. Some thought this was comforting, that the baby was safe and being honored by the poodles. Others found this terrifying, as if the poodle army was preparing to sacrifice the baby to their poodle god. Could this be a glass half empty/half full scenario?On to something much more wonderful. This piece was bursting with exciting energy! I decided that I definitely want this in my apartment someday.
This is me and my friend Reina laughing at our other friend Mike. He's very silly. And that painting just set us up for silliness!Then we were off to the Richard Avedon exhibit. I absolutely LOVED his work! He took amazing photographs of both famous and common people, all of which seem to portray the very soul of the individual.
But the most exciting part had to be our discovery. That's right, we searched our whole lives and finally found HIM!!!
Do you see him?!Huzzah! The answer to the age old question, "Where's Waldo?"
The SF MOMA is very fun... and a great place to be silly.

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  1. Hilarious! Do you remember how much we loved those books??? how fun, how maddening, how so freaking addictive! no matter how mad one became at not being able to find stupid waldo....the book could NOT be put down!!! haha! the good ole days! i love you and miss you little sis!