Monday, July 20, 2009

The Renegade Craft Fair!

This weekend, after a very intense couple's therapy class, Dannon, my friend Celina & I went over to the Renegade Craft Fair to see all the pretty things. It was fairly overwhelming since there were SO MANY great artists and shops. But we made our way through and found some pretty fun stuff.

Such as the portable lawn. In San Francisco, no one has a front/back yard, so a little grass where one can sit is pretty novel.
Then there was a woman pushing around an ice cream cart, stuffed full of cloth ice cream cones and popsicles!
Another shop specialized in cloth beards!One of my favorites was Owly Shaddow Puppets. These were laser cut shadow monsters, dinosaurs, and funny hearts. Perfect for a teacher, therapist and kids big & small! I really REALLY wanted the Monster Puppet shown here.
My friend Celina bought some Amazing laser-cut felt earrings from Feisty Elle, which were so beautiful and unique! And I couldn't resist a mini monster drawing from Hand Made Store On A Bike. She also had some hilarious Unemployed Robot cards. It was also pretty cool to meet Danni from Oh, Hello Friend. She's incredibly sweet and has a great shop full of bright, happy jewelry.

It was a great little shopping trip! Until next year Renegade Craft Fair!


  1. oh, i wish i could have been there! sigh. love the cloth beards.

  2. I went too! I posted my photos today as well. Loved the shadow puppets and ice cream vendor also! What a really great show. Definitely going again next year!