Sunday, July 12, 2009

Death Cab & Andrew Bird Concert!

Periodically Dannon and I really want to hear a band play, but don't have the money for tickets, or tickets sell out immediately. Luckily, we have a back up plan - the Greek Theatre in Berkeley! It's an outdoor theatre with a nice little hill just outside the fence where people can sit {and picnic} while listening to the bands. Unfortunately, you can't see the band on the stage because there are too many trees, but you can hear the music perfectly! I've done this several times and have always had a great {free} experience.
So Saturday night Dannon, Larry and I went over to the hill and enjoyed a long concert with Ra Ra Riot, Andrew Bird, and Death Cab for Cutie! And like always, it was a magical experience.
First we grabbed food in Berkeley, then found a nice little spot on the hill where we giddily listened to Ra Ra Riot.
Shortly after Andrew Bird took the stage, a summer shower came upon us. Luckily we were sitting under a thick tree so we didn't get wet, and it only lasted for 15 minutes. The sun was still shining and everything looked so happy and peaceful in the rain {did I mention this was happening with a live Andrew Bird soundtrack?}.
As soon as the rain stopped, a rainbow appeared! And a few minutes later, a second rainbow appeared! That's right, a double rainbow. {click the picture for a better view - rainbows are hard to capture} Oh, and have I mentioned, Andrew Bird was playing live during all this?
After the rain the trees, and sky, and people, and everything were rich with color. It was amazing!
Once Death Cab came on the sky was growing dark so I didn't take any more pictures. But their concert was a magical experience too! During their encore they played a powerful song. Towards the end of it the bells from the Berkeley Campus Tower began to ring - and they were in the same key as the song! It was such a serendipitous moment as the bells rang out in perfect harmony with the music, making the song and the lovely evening all the more magical!

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    So how are you doing? What are you up to now? I wasn't sure how to contact you except through here you can email me at adamandcrissy((at))gmail((dot))com