Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July in SoCal {Part 2}

Not only is the 4th of July America's birthday, it's Darin's too {Dannon's brother}! Which is really the main reason Dannon's family got together for the weekend. We had a little party complete with Gingerbeer {Dannon's family is Australian} and, of course, silliness!
After a little afternoon party, the "kids" of the group {me, Dannon, Brandon, and Darin} drove over to the coast for fireworks {and funnel cake}.
The moon was big and the sky was clear, prompting lovers to act lovingly.
Dannon opened my eyes to the wonders of shutter speed and I played with my camera during the 30 minute fireworks show. Here are a couple of my favorite. Don't they look like Chihuly's?
We had such a great time down by the harbor, seeing the fireworks, cuddling on the blanket, and of course, singing exuberantly to the 80's music we found on the radio for our drive home!


  1. wow you got some great firework shots my camera never takes good ones.

  2. ooh, i love the shutter speed! all of it looks like so much fun.