Tuesday, June 2, 2009


If Willy Wonka were a 6 year old princess, I'm pretty sure he would have a candy store exactly like Miette. It's pretty much the happiest place I've ever been. Back when I worked as a legal assistant I would get off the bus 10 blocks early just to wander in and see all the pretties. I still use this candy store as a pick-me-up during stressful grad school times.

They always have a wide variety of old school candy, foreign chocolates, and the most delicious cupcakes!

They even do parties! The pictures on the website show parties with little girls, but maybe they'll make an exception for my 28th?...

Also, if you go to the Hayes Valley location on Fridays you can meet Hank the Russian Wolf Hound! He's pretty much the coolest {and largest} dog I've ever met!

{photos stolen from the good people of yelp}


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  2. oh, i want a cupcake! i would walk there with you and we would have a nice chat.