Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Adventures!

Over the long weekend, Dannon and I took a little trip to see my dad and stepmom's new home in Idaho Falls, ID. We could not believe how similar to Napoleon Dynamite it was! There were llama farms all over the state, cheesy tots offered at restaurants, and people wearing bad 80's t-shirts, just like this:

Our first Idaho experience was stopping at a gas station {which was also a Safe Baby Drop!}. Dannon loved this shot with me, Little Miss San Francisco, and that lady to the left in her Coon Skin Cap, digging for ice cream.

There were also several Midget Houses {as Darla accurately named them} in Idaho Falls, where people built basements, ran out of money, and just got comfortable.

Idaho was actually really beautiful, with amazing views of massive mountains and fields of volcanic rock. Our main weekend event was camping and exploring in the River of No Return Wilderness.

We found an old dredge, active mining claims {for gold}, real live cowboys rangling cattle, and an old ghost town.
We also found a couple hot springs. The orange-ish water on the right is actually from the spring coming out of the rocks and flowing into the river. It was boiling water and too hot to touch. There was only one teeny spot where the spring and river mixed that was the perfect temperature {where Darla is standing}.
Our favorite part was jeeping deep into the mountains.

Some of the snow drifts were 9-10 feet high!
We stopped a couple times and had little snowball fights.

Here's me resting after a long hard snowball battle. ...Or maybe I'm sitting for a jeep photo shoot?
We had a great time visiting Idaho! Thanks Dad, Darla, and Olga {the dog}!

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