Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Man's Trash is Another Man's... Sculpture?

After the Horse and Dachshund races, we walked over to Eastshore State Park, which is right next to the track. Eastshore is such an awesome place - a former landfill turned park. There are plenty of little trails through grassy knolls and flowers, but the coolest part about Eastshore are the sculptures. I'm not sure if the artists are commissioned or if people just go down and create on their own, but there are about a dozen sculptures built out of scrap materials such as metal and driftwood and any other trash found in the park. Plus, all the sculptures are massive, as if a colony of Driftwood and Metal Giants settled there.

This woman is the first sculpture you see coming over a hill. I always get the urge to run and jump into her arms.

I have a habit of running into dragons on my hikes...

Urgh! Will you stop taking pictures of me, I'm trying to work here!!!

Here is my new favorite -- a Samurai!

There are plenty more sculptures to see, so if you are in the Berkeley area, go check them out.

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