Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mo The Traveling Sock Monkey {Part 2}

After all the sight-seeing, Mo spent some time in San Francisco just chilling out, experiencing more of a local's life.

Mo tried his hand at the open seas.

But ran into a little . . . um, trouble.

Back on land Mo hooked up with a cute girl. {Like I said, he's so good with the ladies!}

But as it turned out, she was already seeing this guy, who challenged Mo to an old fashioned arm wrestling match. Mo lost, but there are plenty of other monkeys in the jungle.

Then we took Mo to a concert, and he got to hang out backstage with the band! Lucky Mo!

Back at home, Mo made friends with my kitties Mya,

and Chloe.

Wait! Chloe. . . what are you doing?! No Chloe! Stop!

AH!!! Mo! Oh the Horror!

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