Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Loves

Despite the fact this weekend was very grey and rainy the whole time, we still managed to have some adventures:

* Dannon has been Mr. Sicky Sickerson all week so I didn't think I would get to see him at all on Love Day. Happily, however, he managed to pull it together and bus into the city to spend a little quality time with me. He brought me giant beautiful flowers with an E.E. Cummings poem! What a wonderful boyfriend.

* One of my best friends came to visit from the opposite coast this weekend! I haven't seen her in years, but hanging out this weekend felt like we had only been apart for a couple days. Old friends are so comfortable like that.

* Lots of {eek!} shopping happened this weekend. I haven't spent money on material things in about a year so I decided it was okay to give in to a little shopping spree. I'm still trying not to feel guilty about spending my school money, but hey, now I'll look even cuter when I go to school!

* Thanks to my dear friend Laura I've discovered the MOST FUN radio station ever! Wonderground Radio is an online streaming station from Minnesota Public Radio and it's supposed to be music for kids, but also stuff their hip parents will like. I've had it on all weekend and it just makes me want to dance and smile and be happy. Click on the link to have a listen!

* One of the coolest things about living in SF is the awesome public transportation. And one of the coolest things about riding the bus late on a Saturday night is that you will probably stumble upon something ridiculously fun. This Saturday night on my bus I found a man with a boombox playing very loud, old school dance music. So we had a dance party. I stayed on my bus for two extra stops because I was having so much fun dancing with my fellow bus riders.

{Sorry so blurry, but you know, it was a dance party & a phone camera.}

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  1. yay! i'm so glad you love wunderground radio, it's so cool! AND! i wish i could have been there for the bus dance party. someday, someday. . .