Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Few Things That Make Me Really Happy

Mmmm... Tazo Chai!
I have to drink some each morning. Some people say I "have an addiction," or I "have a caffeine problem." But I think it's delicious, and since I switched from coffee to tea my heart palpitations stopped!

Fun Galoshes! I love my bright yellow galoshes. I also have a bright red umbrella and a bright green coat! I actually look forward to dreary winter days so I can put on all my fun colorful rain gear. Like our trip to the Wave Organ on the northern tip of the city. It was a dark and stormy day with huge waves crashing up on the organ, but I was invincible in my yellow galoshes!

Adorable Foreign Cars
I see cute little cars all around my neighborhood. My favorite was a teeny little British car packed with 5 large young men. I laughed and they waved. I love my neighborhood.

This Sigur Ros Music Video

It's a prime example of generativity in old age! Plus it always reminds me of one of my favorite memories in life. Last fall Dannon and I tailgated a Sigur Ros concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. We sat on the hill above the stage, and toward the end of the concert it started to rain - a lovely warm rain. We danced to our favorite songs in the rain that night. It was magical!

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