Wednesday, July 17, 2013


this week my car completely died.  luckily i made it home just in time before it happened, ...
but only to discover dannon's car had also died that same day.  oy.

we now have a rental car to share for our physical transportation, but when it comes to money and these unexpected financial... let's say "challenges" in life, it definitely takes a leap of faith.  
i've learned enough to know that things always work themselves out.  the real struggle is 
learning how to keep the faith and focus on not losing yourself to discouragement in the meantime.


  1. Oh dear.

    The financial part does always take a leap of faith. We're taking one right now--trading our carefully earned savings for what might be our lifelong home--even after the year in which we had to buy a new car and repair our other one.

    Definitely a leap of faith. Definitely a time to hope and trust that things will come together. Thinking of you!

  2. urgh. Financial struggles SUCK. Car issues suck. I'm sorry. I hope it all turns out okay.