Monday, June 24, 2013

Worth It

the classic "self-photo" gets even more complicated when you
want your highly energetic pup to be a part of it.

but i think these do a much better job at conveying the joy and fun times we had together.
we had a true sabbath this weekend at arroyo burro dog beach in santa barbara, ca.
it was gorgeous - sunshine, ocean ions, the sound of waves crashing, perfectly chilled water,
delicious picnic food, squishy seaweed, and best of all, the uninterrupted company
of each other - exactly what all three of us needed this weekend.


  1. I haven't seen an updated photo of you in a while, and I must say you have just gotten so much more beautiful in the past year. I mean, you've always been beautiful, but there's a glow about you that I'm just in love with. Happiness in a post!!!!

  2. Hello lovely - you're back, and looking fab with a brand new friend in tow. Hope you are well, and happy :-)
    see you around,
    Much love,

  3. beautiful photos!

  4. Love the photos! A trip to the beach with the ones you love sounds pretty perfect :)

  5. Oh, HAIIIII THERE!!!! It's so good to see you back and I'm enjoying catching up with you and your beautiful family this morning. Congrats on the new pup!!! Adorable. Also, AWESOME that you went skydiving. On my bucket list… to do when I'm 90. Too terrified to attempt before then. XOXO!!