Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Take to Nature

sometimes i cannot imagine leaving the city - the people, the cacophony of cultures, music, art,
good food - but sometimes i deeply long for life back in the mountains.

i grew up in the woods and mountains.  camping was not something you planned for or took time out to do.  camping was simply a part of life.  on a wednesday, after school and work, friends and i would collect a few things and stay the night under the stars.  we ate over fires and made music on backpacker guitars and spoke of our hopes and fears.

i miss that a lot.

i miss fireflies,
tree swinging,
midnight dips in a creek,
sharing a bedroom with deer, bears, coyotes, mountain lions.

still, the fact is that i do live in the center of a great big city now.  so what am i to do with all of this "missing?"  i suppose i will cherish all of those sweet memories - what an incredible way to grow up!  then i will remind myself that what the "missing" is telling me is this: my soul needs nature.  i may not live in the mountains or
woods anymore, but i can still make time to give myself the gift of nature.  it's not a vacation
destination.  it is a necessary practice for spiritual growth, personal growth, healing and
rejuvenation - truly the best way to fill my well.


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