Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life Lessons


wise words from lemony snicket.  this is a concept i have been entertaining in a lot of areas of my life lately.  i am slowly but surely learning to take action even though i don't particularly want to take action, don't feel ready to take action and definitely don't feel brave enough to do so.   but, the fear and uncertainty will not go away until after i make my move, not before.  and feeling those fears and uncertainties very strongly does not mean that their messages are accurate or that they have the authority to make the decision for me.  they are feelings.  they may be intense, but they will not last forever.  

it's amazing what we are capable of, and that includes surviving intense fear.  we need not cave in to it.  
we can feel the intensity and take action anyway.  trust your strength.  you will get through it.


  1. So similar to the advise my dad gave my husband before we were married. He went to ask my father for my hand in marriage, and my dad (who got married in his thirties) told my husband, "If you wait until you're ready, you'll never be ready." That wisdom has applied to so much more than just marriage!

    Take care,

  2. It's a bit funny because lately, I feel like it's best when I lean into my fears, face them, even when I'm decently terrified. I grow a lot. I don't ever feel ready, but if the world thinks the time is right, then I trust that.

  3. Been feeling this as well. Happy to read something like this! Keeps the spirit going!