Wednesday, May 29, 2013


swinging on swings
swinging on tire swings
making lego creations
finger painting
playing pretend
building a fort
catching crawdads
copying newsprint on silly puddy
making shadow puppets with your hands
climbing around only on furniture to avoid hot lava
making up a dance routine to a favorite song
tag, hide & seek, red rover

when was the last time you played like a kid?  
and when was the last time you allowed yourself to enjoy playing like a kid?  


play is essential.  just because we now have bills to pay and errands to run does not mean that we no longer need to satisfy that creative playful part of ourselves.  and when we do play, we'll have a better time if we play like a kid.  in other words - let go of perfectionism, logical thinking, and over-analysing.  kids don't put much thought into making yellow elephants, they simply do it because they want to.  how liberating!

let your kid out this week and go have some much deserved fun!

1 comment:

  1. Last night the boys and I headed outside after dinner to ride bikes on our street. We were out there for a good hour. At one point, Sawyer was leading us in a three-person parade. So good for the soul, especially on a day when sadness was overtaking me.

    I'm emailing you soon, Kim. Looking forward to a skype date! xoxo