Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meet Maisy

about a year ago, we rescued the cutest puppy in the whole wide world!  she was a teeny tiny total of 4 pounds, 8 weeks old and in dreadful shape.  the night we brought her home we plucked 38 ticks from her belly.  she also had a broken tail and several intestinal parasites.  poor baby!  

we loved watching her figure out the world around her - mustering the courage to jump off the 2 inch door frame, scaring herself with her own bark, and discovering the joys of eating paper products {maisy is a firm believer that all paper products are a valid food source}.

{her ears grew twice as fast as the rest of her - so cute!}

there's a lot she still doesn't understand though, like why her two people aren't ALWAYS physically connected to her.  Or why she gets all drooly and anxious in the car, which always seems to end with being poked and prodded at the vet's.  Or why, OH WHY!, her big sister kitty won't play with her. 

now that she's bigger, we are regularly asked if she's a coyote.  for the first year we said no, but since we can't actually be sure {we were told she's a sable german shepherd}, we now just say "why yes, yes she is half coyote."  

most people we meet are afraid of her.  mothers grasp their children, men cross to the other side of the street.  i don't quite get it because... well look at that adorable face!  

having a dog has made life so much better in so many ways.  the incredible love of an adorable furry friend does so much for easing anxiety.  plus, because she's a big dog, i now go on long, daily hikes in nature {yes, LA does have nature}.  i don't know how i ever got along without her.

{sleeping on my shoulder - bah!}

i highly recommend adopting if you haven't already done so.  it's probably the best thing we can all do for our health and well-being.


  1. Oh I can't wait until we have a house with a yard so we can get a dog. I love my cuddly cat, but a dog just seems to add such energy to your life. Yours is a cutie!

  2. She is so adorable! Her ears are way too much cuteness. I want a big dog... and nature trails with her sounds so fun! I always say, if I'm going to get a dog, I'm going to adopt it. For realz.

  3. What a cute dog. I'm so happy that you are back to blogging:)

  4. If I saw Maisy on the street I would want to run up and give her kisses! What a sweetheart. Congrats on being awesome puppy parents for a year now! You're right, adopting is such a rewarding experience :)

  5. I agree! I am in love with my little guy. Seriously. The first week was worse for anxiety and all that (it's super fun to housetrain a dog that's afraid of EVERYTHING outside), but now? Now he snuggles up close and licks my face if I'm crying. And runs around with delight when we take him to the park.

    So I really really recommend adopting a pet, too. I'm so glad we did. And you did--just look at her face, especially asleep! Isn't it amazing how loyal dogs are?

    My instagram followers might be annoyed, though, as he's pretty much all I ever take pictures of.

  6. Aw, what a cutie. I love the stare-down with the cat! We have 2 shelter cats & hope to adopt a dog someday.

  7. what a beautiful dog!! we are total dog people...we always had BIG dogs growing up.

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  8. She's beautiful! :) And so are you.