Monday, November 14, 2011

turn that {monday} frown upside down

it's yet another monday! some people dread this day, but i like to give it the benefit of the doubt.  i mean honestly, sometimes saturday is a real asshole and monday is the super nice one, so 
i don't want to make any assumptions.  but just in case,... 

here are few suggestions to turn a bad/boring/stressful {mon}day around:

1. pick up a bouquet of pretty flowers from trader joe's {or steal some from your neighbor's yard}, 
fill your bathtub with hot water and smelling salts, then sprinkle in all the petals from the flowers. 
 enjoy with your favorite music.  ah, bliss!

2. dance with reckless abandon in your living room {elaine impressions encouraged}.  

3. color, play with clay, and/or finger paint.

4. take some dog/cat treats to your local spca and share some love with new furry friends.  
{you'll be making the animals' monday great too!}

5. turn off all your electronic devices {including cell phones} and go outside.  
once you're out there try taking a walk, climbing a tree, playing with dogs, or swinging on swings.

6. drink rum and sing sea chanteys {this is seriously fun, trust me}.

7. play dress up.  put on something silly or incredibly fancy and head out for ice cream 
{it should be noted, this works best when you're not alone, but you know, do what you gotta do}.

8. go to anthropologie and buy the boulangerie "sweet vanilla cinnamon" candle.  
oh heavens, it smells amazing!

9. build a fort out of pillows and blankets. once inside you can curl up with a good book or movie.

10. cook or bake something you've been wanting to try for a while.

11. [insert whatever fills YOUR well here]

{awesome print: inspired by kurt vonnegut, created by blanca gomez. buy it here.}

i hope your monday is a fantastic one, but if it's not, 
i hope you take the time to do something extra special for yourself.  
you deserve it!


  1. these are great ideas! my mondays could certainly use any one of these!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  2. I'll take the "dance with reckless abandon" anytime! ;)

  3. I love these suggestions so much!

    I love Mondays. I always feel like I am ready to take on the world, Monday's feel like a fresh start and I get so excited to make my weekly to do list Sunday night and wake up fresh and early for the week!

    I will definitely have to add dressing up fancy for ice cream to my week's fun!


  4. I'm always blown away by the amount of positivity on your blog - go girl! Oh, and Elaine impressions are a daily requirement for the health of my humor :)

  5. All excellent ideas my friend. It's a rather dreary Monday on campus here, so the blanket fort sounds the most impressive today. I may have to create a little private space and curl up with a book for awhile this afternoon. It sounds simply sublime.

  6. Thanks for this! I actually really like Mondays (weird, I know) but I think this should apply to everyone on everyday. Being happy is all about creating happy habits like these.

  7. Gah, Blanca Gomez is a genius - I LOVE that print! I think simply a print like that would help kick the case of the Mondays!

  8. happy monday my dear... i think i will go to the movies that way i wont be home obsessing about the job hunt... take care my dear!

  9. Thank you, Kim. This is JUST what I needed.

  10. you are to cute. I like the list! I will try my hardest to not get down on Mondays so much! =)

  11. If I had the day off, I would absolutely take you up on some of those suggestions! Alas, I'm at work, and I'm teaching at the prison tonight . . . Mondays are busy! But I have my coffee, so I should be okay. :) I appreciate your sweet positivity, as always!

  12. Wonderful ideas! It's a gloomy/windy day here today, so dressing up for ice cream sounds perfect :).

  13. I like monday's much better than Wednesdays! So I'll keep this list in mind for tomorrow.

  14. mondays are hard and for the longest time...I did not work on but now I do. I have to say that it's hard because I would definitely like to be lounging at home.

  15. This is amazing!!! :D Picking up flowers from Trader Joes always makes me I shall take your advice and go one step further!

  16. These are the best suggestions! I have never built a fort before but it is something I have always been wanting to try :)

  17. Haha I must try #6! Time to google some sea chanteys :-)

  18. happy monday, kim! really enjoying these little charms as i head into tuesday (which happens to be my monday) :)

  19. Lovely! Your animal shelter tip is so sweet.

  20. Love these tips, Kim! I'm sure any one of these would make a huge difference to even the worst of days.

  21. Nice Monday inspiration ... even on a Thursday!

  22. I need to revisit this list every Monday from now on :)