Thursday, November 10, 2011


holy mother, this is amazing!!

those crazy frenchmen! 
as terrifying as this is, i am completely inspired.  of course it also gets me thinking about all the times i've avoided taking that leap.  but it looks so freeing doesn't it?  there's something inside me which greatly longs to catapult myself with all my might off the edge of a giant cliff.  imagine how amazing life would be if we did this, be it literally like these guys or figuratively with our choices. yup, scary stuff, but that fear is just an indicator of how badly we want something.  so why not go for it?

the full length documentary is about 40 minutes and will be streaming live {for free!} on
the blog sebmontaz this friday {11.11.11.} - i can't wait!


  1. That. is. INCREDIBLE.

    Sooo crazyyy!!!

    Belly B :)

  2. I love this! I can't wait to see the whole thing.

    It reminds me a lot of my ex, who is french, who lives sort of like this...travelling, adventure, etc...

    All boiled down to one simple, often used quote: "life baby!"


  3. Oh wow., I'm amazed. That looks so terrifying, but they look like they're having fun!

  4. Must revisit from home computer later. You definitely have caught my attention :)

  5. Wow! And your words are just soooo true. I'm taking leaps right now and sometimes it's better not to look while I know if I don't then I'll be missing out on all the fun.

  6. You know, funny enough, I have the same longing to do crazy/scary things . . . but none of them physical things like leaping, bungee jumping, skydiving, etc. No desire whatsoever to do those things. ;) But I have a HUGE desire to do things like move to Argentina all by myself, etc. Our (human) minds are funny, aren't they?

  7. My stomach is turning cartwheels right along with that one guy! I've been skydiving. This looks much more intense, and freeing at the same time. Takes my breath away!

  8. Crazy Frenchmen indeed!

    I don't really have any desire to do these physically scary things either. But everything is challenging to someone!

    Seriously, I know have two books I want you to read: Maiden Voyage and Modoc :)

  9. Wow, crazy small world.. I just posted this on my twitter today! It's crazy what people can do. Scares me just watching it.

  10. Exhilarating stuff - made me hold my breath on a few occasions - especially close to that cliff.
    Happy weekend,

  11. I think sometimes the metaphorical leaps are even scarier than the physical ones!