Tuesday, October 4, 2011

october intentions ~ old things fall away

it's the season of endings.
like the leaves of a tree, now is the time for old things in our life to fall away,
preparing us for the changes which come in spring, after a time of winter rest.

october has always been a time of slowing down, reflecting, and allowing myself to sit with all sorts of emotions.  while i've always hated routines, october tends to be a month when i am content to settle down into one.  it's comforting to have quiet structure in the midst of changes, transitions, endings.
after the past year full of struggles, i am ready for a little peace and quiet in my life.

so for my intentions this month, i hope to take the time i need 
to slow down, reflect, say my goodbye's to the things which are ending.  

through the month of october i will:
- bake more.
- use alone time wisely.
- take time to slowly sip hot drinks.
- acknowledge and honor all of the feelings i've been neglecting.
- journal in my morning pages about areas in my life on which i'd like to improve.
- allow more quiet time for reading, writing, and thinking {turning off distractions}.
- express my thoughts and feelings through creating more art.
- cleanse my home of things i no longer need/use.
- be patient with myself.

{photo found on j'adore}

do you have any goals for this month?


  1. I have so many goals but not really. Is that weird? I actually have no goals except for the very short term. Like "I will wake up tomorrow before 8 am" or "I will eat fruit today." Me and goals are not very good friends as I am definitely not a goal oriented person. Just single minded.

  2. My intentions are also to use my alone time wisely and to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as much as possible. Taking long walks always helps me to get my thoughts in order. Enjoy each moment! xxoo :)

  3. I love that photo. {Of course I do, because it's on my tumblr!}

    I love what you've written about October, Kim. I want to have a month like that, too. One where I can rest when I need to, reflect and write every day, and bake! It's Thanksgiving here this coming weekend, and I'm planning some pumpkin-themed baking- muffins and tarts, I think. You know. to go with a festive latte!

    I am also in a cleaning mode, getting rid of things we no longer need. The plan is to finish our living room reno in October {remember, the one we started this time last year?!} and I would love to sit and admire that beautiful space without a lot of crap cluttering it up.

    I also plan to get more sleep. I need it! Kindergarten is sapping my energy...

  4. I hope October is a good month for you my dear. Sounds like you are going through a tough time. I love your goals. I think my favorite that I'm going to copy is take more time sipping hot drinks. I rush a lot =)

    BTW I'm guest posting about mommy fashion over at The Short and the Sweet of It this morning. You should stop by if you get a second =)

    - Sarah

  5. I love this post. Pretty sure I just calmed down by reading it. :)

    " it's comforting to have quiet structure in the midst of changes, transitions, endings.
    after the past year full of struggles, i am ready for a little peace and quiet in my life."

    Ahhhh, yes :)

  6. I never have the patience to wait for hot drinks to cool off! You'd think burning my tongue 28493 times would've taught me something (sigh)

  7. Things are a-changing for me, so I am going to try and be forgiving of my freak outs over that change.

  8. I love your goals - they are so perfect for fall and the winter that inevitably follows. I am baking like crazy this month, I have to, it's my favorite. And I'm really just making it a goal to savor every last fall moment because it's gone so fast!

  9. i think i would like to bake more, too!

    re-organize my roon (again!!) so that i can be more organized (lol!!)

    continue to do fun things with the minis even though summer is over.

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  10. I don't think my list is quite so poetic sounding, but I do want to rework my house a bit! Some fun new pieces in different rooms would be fantastic!

  11. great list. I am hoping to get to bed earlier and do less work at home. savor my downtime. shut off the computer by 9 pm. and make an oil painting.

  12. I like your intentions, they sound perfect for the soul :) Autumn is such a great time to slow down and reflect.

  13. Beautiful list of goals - I think mine have to be relaxing more, and taking time to reflect and plan for the future.
    Nice post Kim, liked the alone time bit a lot.
    Have a great october sweets,

  14. Those are some fantastic goals. I think alone time and time to slow down is really important :)

    x Jasmine

  15. I hope to slow down and enjoy this month! It seems that this whole year has flown by, and I want to slow down and savor every moment.

    I would like to spend more time outside. Taking pictures of the leaves changing. Decorating my home.

  16. "like the leaves of a tree, now is the time for old things in our life to fall away, preparing us for the changes which come in spring, after a time of winter rest." -- this is exactly what i feel in this moment, Kim. it has been a crazy September at work and i overworked myself. this month i just want to list down and review all my checklist for next year.

    may you have a really awesome october! :)

    love, gracey

  17. I'm going to steal one of your October goals for my own...'be patient with myself'.

    That's a tough one for me right now because I have so many ideas of things I want to accomplish...and sometimes I don't give myself the time necessary to get them done.

    I really loved this post and the fact that you wrote down a list of your goals for the month. For me, the first step towards achieving any goal is to write it down and 'vocalize' it. It's the best way I know to overcoming the procrastination that is always lurking.

    Jenn :)

  18. Sometimes I worry my life rushes by without the chance for me to sit and reflect. So there will be more of that this October. I want slow days, desperately, but right now with apartment hunting and an impending move I'm not sure when I'll find those again. Maybe I just need to appreciate the slowness of the little moments, like my drives to and from DC. I should make the most of those.

  19. My goals almost coincide with yours exactly. I've missed being at your blog and hearing from you. It's on my goals to speak with you more this month. :) Hope that's acceptable, dear.

    Enjoy the Fall weather and make the most of that alone time! You deserve it.