Friday, October 28, 2011


fresh flowers
giant, cozy comforters
an evening out with a dear friend
cinnamon roll cookies with cream cheese frosting
a sweet husband who makes me biscuits and egg gravy
a sweet husband who gives me rides on hot days {yup, same husband!}
comfort food {have you noticed the theme here?}
packages made and ready to go
boots, blazers, & scarves
mulled rum cider
movie night!

these are a few of my favorite things!  
well, at least this week that is...

what are you thankful for today?


  1. I'm thankful that I get to stay home today when it's pouring outside :) Best feeling ever.

    Belly B :)

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  3. Late night telephone conversations with a friend (the long-time-no-see kind), while watching "something" on tv, curled on the sofa under a soft baby blue blanket while waiting hubby to arrive home...

    Wishing you a happy and a to-be-thankful-for weeky.


  4. That today is the start of a long weekend. Long break from work, too. More time for art. Happy weekend Kim! ;)

  5. such a good list. lol. food makes me thankful. as does the sun returning to these parts.

  6. thankful for soup and scarf weather.

  7. mmm biscuits and gravy!? he's a keeper! =)

    I'm thankful for: My boyfriend surprising me with dinner and pumpkins to crave last night. the fact that its' friday (always thankful for that). and that i have fun plans for halloween! =)

  8. I just love your Fridays posts! Makes me stop and remember that I, too, have much to be thankful for. I think that's the secret to happiness.

    I'm grateful for a wonderful husband, the finishing touches of a project, and my life. I am really blessed.

  9. I really love these gratitude lists of yours. :)

    I'm grateful for: girls' night tonight, Thursday night tv (so lame! but honest), feeling healthy (last week this time I had a stomach virus!), Sunday morning football, and discovering new music. Oh! And that the Voice of Witness book is out and my narrative is the first one, and already several people have told me that they ordered it, which makes me so happy. :) :) :)

  10. I'm thankful for so many things, but especially a beautiful day! We had the greatest sunset here; autumn is so lovely.

  11. I, too, am grateful for comfort food.

  12. You two are so great. :)

    I'm thankful for movie night too, even though my girl talks through the whole movie and daddy always falls asleep.

  13. I love cinnamon rolls!!!! I haven't eaten any in WAY too long.
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  14. I adore this photo, so cute and meaningful <3

  15. oooh what is a cinnamon roll cookie? I'd be grateful too!

  16. I love your entire list but I think for this upcoming week you must share the cinnamon roll cookie recipe! I'd love to whip that out at Thanksgiving and impress everyone. ;) I'm glad you had time to catch up with a friend. Some weeks it seems like there just isn't enough time do that! Hope your weekend has gone swimmingly!

  17. Such a sweet and honest post. I am thankful for my husband today.


    p.s. It's the last day to enter the giveaway on my blog! Be sure to enter when you get the chance.

  18. That all sounds so great! I haven't ever had mulled rum cider or biscuits and gravy but they sound delicious :) And thank you for the comment, I hadn't heard of EMDR but I'll definitely look into it, CBT helped me with a lot of things but not really panic attacks.

    I'm thankful for Halloween parties and movies made for wimps like me :)

  19. Thankful for the piece of pumpkin muffin I inhaled yesterday from a local bread shop and the macro spinach noodles I just ate for lunch (notice a theme??).