Monday, October 24, 2011

good deeds ~ bicycles

bicycles are awesome!

here are just a few reasons why:
+ you get to exercise while you commute,
+ you don't need gas {when i first started driving gas only cost $0.86. sigh...},
+ you don't need insurance {other than health insurance that is},
+ you look adorable, especially if you have a cute bike with a basket and/or saddlebags,
+ you can repurpose your worn out bike tubes into cool earrings,
+ you won't pollute the environment,
+ you get to bypass all the cars stuck in traffic,
+ you'll make all sorts of fun discoveries and see your city in a whole new way.


but did you know the most important benefit of a bicycle is that it saves lives?  that's right, without a bicycle hundreds of thousands of kids in impoverished countries have no way to get to school which are often in villages miles from home.  without an education, these kids are never able to attain good jobs as adults and are forced to rely on others for their care, which means many end up in slavery or abusive marriages.  

some people can only be saved by a top brain surgeon or a million-to-one odds of a miracle, but a simple bicycle?  if it's as easy as two-wheeled transportation that saves a life, then shouldn't we all be contributing what we can to get bicycles into the hands of those who need it?

{photo borrowed from 88 bikes}

here are some ways you can help:
- upgrading? donate your old bike!
- sponsor a bike through a church, school, or club fundraiser.
- help fund the cost of shipping bikes/bike parts overseas.
- donate bicycle repair kits.
- spread the word.

there are lots of organizations that are working hard to deliver bikes to those who need it.
here are a few i've found with a variety of services, collection times/locations, and donation options
{you can also ask at your local bike shop for donation opportunities}:
88 bikes
wheels 4 life
pedals for progress
bicycles for humanity
bikes for the world


  1. You know what else is awesome? This post! Love the info, photos, and that you're sharing such an important topic. I'm still strongly considering getting a bike, but I need to find a safe route to school and work first. That and I don't know how I'll get my bike back to Switzerland once I'm done for the year. :/ We'll see! Posts like this definitely help, ha!

  2. so informative! your blog is the type that makes everyone want to get out there and do something about the world we live in.

  3. Wow, so many great organizations! I wish more than anything that it was possible to get around on bikes here in LA...*sigh. That's just one more reason I have to move to a beach town - so I can do all my errands on a bicycle! :)

  4. I had no clue that they needed bikes and that companies were helping them get them. Good to know!

    Great bike post. I haven't used mine in a real long time since I've started walking more. I should get back on the saddle.

  5. Great post on an important topic. In Denmark everybody rides their bicycles everywhere - we have cycling paths alongside all roads, so you can ride safely, with the kids on the back (of the bike) or next to you on their own. Brilliant - so much more fun than public transport (but it does get cold in the winther :)
    Have a great week,

  6. This is AWESOME Kim. I have a few old bikes that my folks gave me and I don't use and I definitely think I'll be donating them.

  7. I haven't had a bike since 2003 (when I graduated college)--way too long. I donated it when I left college, though. :) I've thought about getting one in recent years, but I live in Oakland, work in San Francisco, babysit & teach in Marin, and am dating someone who lives in Sonoma. Which means I need my car alllllll the time. But I still think about it sometimes . . . would be nice to be able to take it to the farmers' market or to the gym (I go to the gym in downtown Berkeley where parking is atrocious!).

  8. I went for a bike ride for the first time since foreverrrrr. the bf and i took our bikes to a cute part of town, rode all the way downtown, then back and around the park, then to lunch then to get coffee! I was like wow... i need to get on my bike game because ppl on bikes = awesome!

  9. Bikes are amazing! What a great idea. Thanks for posting this :)

  10. Good deeds indeed! Love this post--thanks always for spreading such a positive message.

  11. Bikes are amazing- For me a bike is something that reminds of that freedom of being a kid and getting your bike and riding it around and not having a care in the world.

  12. Great post!!! I have not ridden mine in ages, I think I'll have to start again! And donate my old bikes :)

  13. I love this. My bike got stolen from our building's underground "secure" parking garage when we lived in our condo several years ago. I miss it! Especially now that my boys are so keen on riding their bikes. The great thing is that my town just initiated a "free bike rental for residents" plan and the nearest bike rack is about a 10 minute walk from our house. Whee! I can't wait to go grab a bike and take a ride!

    Thanks for this post, Kim. So full of such great info. I'm going to share it.

  14. I like this post very much. I love being able to use my bike to go get groceries, or go to Art openings or run to the store!

    There are some really great bike programs out there in towns in America to. In Providence, there was a build a bike program offered by The Steelyard. There is also Bikes not Bombs. All great links, thanks Kim!


  15. I recently got myself a new folding bike because it's so much easier for me to get around with here - nothing wrong with my old bike though. I was thinking of holding on to it just in case, but I think I'll probably donate it. I can always pick up another second hand if I decide I need something other than the folder.