Wednesday, October 26, 2011

dead man's bones

what's beautiful, has emotional depth, and is packed full of talent? if you answered "ryan gosling" then you are correct! but more than just ryan gosling, it's ryan gosling's two-man + children's choir band* that i'm talking about - dead man's bones.

it's a great mixture of eeriness, beauty, and fun.
i've been listening to them nonstop, especially late at night whilst reading my spooky books.  
here, have a listen:

what a deep, dreamy voice. sigh...
you should also check out their band website.
it's pretty awesome!

those kids you hear are local neighborhood kids from here in silverlake.  the choir is a part of the silverlake music conservatory, a non-profit started by flea {of red hot chili peppers} to provide musical experiences to kids who otherwise wouldn't be exposed to such opportunities.  lots of local musicians from the neighborhood get involved, including mr. gosling. i wonder if 29 is too old to join the children's choir...


  1. You'll never be too old, not at 29 not at 92 ;).

    You're ageless, so go hang out with Ryan and those amazing kids.

    Ryan is around our lives (and minds) it seems. Yesterday, some page in facebook asked what was the favorite romantic movie - why do people insist in these hard questions? Can I choose between my five finger?! ... right... - and The Notebook came to my mind because of..........:nicholassparksforgiveme:.......... Ryan!!!!

    The guy is "In the Room where We Dream" :love:

  2. Interesting songs...Perfect for Halloween!

  3. Thanks for always sharing the coolest things! =) I just recently watched Blue Valentine so his voice in these songs are taking me back to that movie...

  4. And just knowing that piece of hot is singing is awesome. I'm about to join a choir!

  5. hehe, I'm with Krysten. I have such a thing for him. I had no idea he did this though. I'll have to listen from my home computer later. Thanks!

  6. Maybe this is one of the bonuses of looking younger than you are? :)

    Somepeople have just too much talent, I mean spread the love a little people SPREAD THE LOVE.

  7. well i am liking the sound of this! perfecto for the season! :)

    and i hand ryan gosling over to you. that is my gift to you. lol. as if he were mine to give away! :)

  8. totally digging the tunes. LOVE. thank you!

  9. oh, i want to hear this{when I am not a um, work}. you always have the best low-down on good music!

  10. I just finally got a chance to listen to this... pretty fantastic! Had no idea the Gosling did music either.

  11. PS. The above comment was from me, didn't realize I was signed into my personal gmail account!