Wednesday, September 28, 2011

spoke too soon

okay, well it waaas feeling cooler when i wrote yesterday's post, but as it turns out,
summer is still going strong.  gah! i guess i'll have to be patient for a little while longer.

...but hopefully not too much longer, okay seasons? okay?  
i think maybe it might help if i start setting my boundaries.


dear summer:

i don't mean to sound harsh, but sheesh! get a clue. it's over between us okay? maybe in a year we can be friends again, but for now, i just need my space.  it's not you, it's me.  i'd like to try spending time with other seasons.  i mean, we're both still so young... or at least i am... compared to you and your billions of years on this planet.  there are just so many things i want to do in life, and i just feel like i can't do them if you're still in the picture. sweaters? mulled cider? roasting things in a fire?!  i know, this may hurt, but i just don't want to beat around the bush anymore.  it's not fair to either one of us.  so summer, please move on.  maybe you can look up that australia country?  she always seemed so into you.

best wishes,


on the bright side, if you're looking for something delicious to do with those end-of-summer blueberries in your fridge, how about an open faced blueberry, arugula, ricotta sesame baguette with olive oil
drizzled on top?  oh my heavens!  you can always count on sunday suppers to offer the
most beautiful food inspiration. if you've never read it, go have a look

have any final summer plans?


  1. please summer leave the US, i'm waiting for you!

  2. I hear you! Today we could have roasted things on the SIDEWALK. *wants to wear a sweater*

    And yes!! We're in your 'hood quite a bit--much more before it became the glut of fake hipsters it is now, but still do enjoy some of the places over there. We'll have to have tea sometime. Would be so fun to meet you:)


  3. Hi Kim, Please tell summer that she forgot to visit Denmark this time around - I'll send Autumn if you send us Summer ;O)
    Ha ha you had me giggling - have a (sunny) day

  4. I'm with Anya, we had our one day of summer yesterday, and now autumn is here, I wouldn't mind swapping with you:)

  5. Hehe, come on out to Wisconsin, it's definitely Autumn here!

  6. We all seem so ready for Autumn.
    It happens the same here - one day looks like Autumn is definetly here and the next day Summer says a cheerful and hot Hello.

    But it's on the way. Trees don't lie and they're getting yellow and naked here.

    So let's hang on those last minute summer blueberries snacks as in 3 months we'll surely miss them :)

  7. I love it. If summer doesn't get the hint from that break-up talk, he's a fool! And I know for a fact, they're dying for summer to arrive in Australia...

    That blueberry photo is to die for! Mmmmm!

  8. All the seasons are going topsy turvy all over the world.

  9. It looks like we might get a little bit of Fall in LA today - keep your fingers crossed!

  10. I 2nd that Summer. You've abused your stay. Now LEAVE! of should I say LEAF lol I now, I'm a nerd.

    - Sarah

  11. Here here! I am so done with 100 degree weather and feeling gross in my jeans. Please let me wear my riding boots!

    And yummmmmmmeeeerrrrs on the blueberries. Oh, that looks good.

  12. Delish!! Btw, I am late but just caught up with your posts. I'd be psyched if you moved back to SF! :)

  13. I am literally drooling at the idea of such a yummy open sandwich! NOM

  14. lol. i want to break up with summer every year! lol. in fact, i don't normally want to even START seeing summer every year. lol

    this blueberry concoction looks DIVINE!!!!!! nom nom NOM!

  15. we had an unseasonably warm day today too- for MN, that is, it was like 80 and sunny, beautiful! Those sandwiches look really great!

  16. wow!! this little treat looks delicious!! and the presentation is incredible!!
    xx ~ kristina

  17. My final summer plan is to enjoy one last crazy hot hike with you before we can move on to the cooler ones! :)
    Let me know when you're free!!

  18. hehe, love your letter to summer... I would say I agree, but since I arrived the temps in New York have cooled down considerably and I just don't feel ready yet!

    Those sandwiches sound DIVINE! YUM!!!!