Saturday, September 17, 2011

let's be honest {wedding outtakes}

let's be honest, when you have 50 million photographs taken of you within the span of a 
few hours, you're bound to end up with some hilarious outtakes.  

so if we're just going to be honest here...
it looks like i'm hanging out with my friends,...
on my wedding day,...
completely naked!

and let's be honest... i don't like taking formal photos,
and when i'm forced to... well, i tend to act out.

let's be honest... it's my wedding and i can fist pump if i want to,
especially when i'm being serenaded by kazoo renditions of herb alpert songs.

let's be honest... if you're going to invite a rubber chicken to your wedding,
you best be okay with it getting more kisses than you do.

let's be honest... kazoo's and dessert were never meant to be friends.

and let's be honest... no matter how carefully you plan your wedding,
sometimes you still get chased by zombies when riding off on your wedding bikes.

{last photo by crystal, all others by our wedding photographer nataliya cole}


  1. Can you just come to my house and entertain me? Because I'm pretty sure I'd be giggling all the time if I hung out with you =-)

  2. Oh I love these.
    They show how much fun you were having!
    And your dress is so pretty :)

  3. I love these! Especially the naked picture and the one of you two happily escaping the zombies. SO freakin adorable.

  4. Hey, its your wedding and if you want to hang out naked with your friends. For the love of pete, do so! :)

  5. Hahah! I love these! Especially the "naked" and "zombie" ones. I always wondered that.... how many pics does the photographer take that are....awkward? Hah. Thanks for your honesty and hilarity!

  6. Cute cute cute! I love you acting out- so incredibly and sooo you!

  7. hahaha and your wedding photos are a complete set of entertainment! much love and laughter caught on cam. :)

  8. your outtakes are funny, adorable and it's those special in between moments that totally capture the day. i loved catching up on your wedding posts tonight. i loved reading about the thought and planning that went into all the details and vignettes. your hard work and creativity really shows in every photo. i love that it was a backyard wedding too! so intimate and cozy.

  9. In my mind, you're saying, "Fuck yeah!" in every picture here. Please let me believe that.

  10. Okay that second picture is fantastic!!

  11. Ha ha - loving the naked shot and the zombies - hilarious - your wedding is just awesome - how much fun did you have :)

  12. I love this post! And the photos are actually lovely, even if not quite what you might have had in mind...!

  13. Kim, you're too cute. These outtakes are priceless. It really does look like you've shown up naked in the first photo and you're being offered a hat. Your expressions are too much!

  14. great commentary and photos. despite the zombies and fist pumping it looked like a beautiful day.

  15. I love your wedding picture out takes and reading the rest of your wedding posts! all of your creative and fun touches really show throughout the beautiful celebration, it's really great Kim!

  16. beautiful photos. It looks like you'd a lot of fun.

    ps: I tagged you on my last post.

  17. These are so fun! The last one is my favorite!

  18. I have just caught up with all your wedding posts, I love them! It looks like such a wonderful, creative day! Your photos are so gorgeous and happy! I just wish I had seen this before I got married, so many marvellous ideas :)

  19. These are incredible! I have to admit that sometimes the best pictures are the ones that capture the silliness that really represents your world, family and friends :)

    Thanks for sharing these...pure awesomeness!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog :) I hope you'll continue to check in now and again - I've just launched my Etsy shop and would love to hear your thoughts :)